Freelance bidding tips to ensure you get the job

Freelance bidding tips for writing jobs

Competition for freelancing jobs is very high. Whether it is writing, translation, website design, IT and Technology, business management, engineering, architecture, data entry, or any other, a freelancer’s proposal has to cut through the global competition characteristic of freelancing. A strong proposal helps you to win the best projects and increase your earnings. Contrary to the belief of many, there’s no “one best way” of writing a proposal. Employers have unique needs just as freelancers have different capabilities. There are, however, general freelance bidding tips that any freelancer can use to write winning proposals. Also remember that your reputation can help you in Surviving a bidding war. If you have previously done successful projects, upload them in your profile. When bidding, know when to bid. Don’t place a bid on every job that is posted. Check the requestor’s profile to determine their approval or rejection rate. Only bid when you can commit your time. Reading the project description carefully helps a freelancer to understand what the employer requires. In your proposal, state clearly and precisely how you can meet those requirements. If the employer communicates with you about the proposal, ensure that you respond quickly. Be competitive in your pricing, and always present high-quality work. Lastly, learn about freelance bidding tips specific to your industry.

Importance of Social Media Management for Small Business

Social media management for small business is necessary for success

Social media management for small business is essential to the success of that business. Social media is no longer just an accessory to business, and it can be the deciding factor. Of course, it can depend on which market you are in and who your customer is. For writers and editors using social can be of pivotal importance to their career. All that is required is a nurturing attitude and some common sense. Social media management for small business is now an integral part of business. The reasons your brand is failing at social media could include, bad management of content, or just bad quality content. Freelance writers can improve this aspect and can run your accounts for you. However, it could be an issue if you are asking an employee to manage the social media front if said employee has no training. Another reason could be that you are using the platforms as a sales pitch, this could be devastating for your business, as it puts people right off. Also, learn how to use each unique platform appropriately, to ensure effective usage; Twitter and Facebook require different skills to be utilised to gain the most response. Try to leverage quality and quantity, as well as considering peak posting times; also, make sure you are keeping them up to date. Explore what media profiles work for you and your company, do not be afraid to experiment to see what works for you.

Social media management for small business

Managing Yourself as a Freelancer

Managing yourself when freelancing

Managing yourself is the most important aspect of being a freelancer. You do not answer to a senior, nor do you require to manage targets. However managing yourself is very critical to further your career. Here are some Planning habits that are good for freelancers.

(1) Planning the day – A good work day starts with a good plan. Always map the hours you are working and the accomplishments that you achieve. Even though you are not in a regular 9 to 5 job, things need to be done and planning the day makes it easier.

(2) Set deadlines and stick to them – The most successful freelancers are the ones that can deliver the project on time. So setting deadlines and then making it on time is critical to building a name as a freelance worker.

(3) Take proper breaks – Breaks are essential for keeping up the productivity level. Sitting in front of the computer at a stretch does not mean you will become efficient. You need to get up and go for a walk or go shopping for a break. This will lighten up your mood and when you are back you will be ready to focus on working. Just keep doing these simple things and you will never be short of work or money as a freelancer.

Freelance work – Types of Jobs

Freelance work opportunities

Freelance work has its own pros and cons. You will have the freedom to work, but sometimes work may not be available. But if you focus on becoming a specialist in a job category, work might come regularly. Based on my experience with freelance work, I have tried to list job categories that will help you specialize in a certain area.

(1) Project management – The job is to develop requirements and budgets for a project. As a project manager, you can help with the workflow in all different types of projects. The jobs are well paid in this category.

(2) Software development – The number of websites and applications are increasing exponentially, and so is the need for software developers. It is a decent freelance job with a lot of work available.

(3) Writer – Web content has become very important as it attracts more people online. Also, fresh, original and interesting content helps with SEO. People good with language skills should try to be a freelance writer as quality is what will take you forward. There are many other jobs, such as affiliate marketing, data entry and many more.

Application Letter for a Freelance Writer

Freelancer writerAbout 54% of freelancer writer job application is rejected because of how they applied.  Freelancing is like any other job with an exception that the employer might never have a chance to have a one on one interview with you. That is why your chances of being employed will depend on how your application will sell you out as the best candidate.

The first thing you need is an application letter. The letter should be detailed but not too long showing your expertise and experience. Include all other qualifications you may have that will help you. It is always good to include how long you have worked as a freelance writer and specific areas of your expertise. The letter acts as a summary of your experience but in a brief and convincing manner. Here is a sample letter.


My name is ………………….and I am a passionate writer with 10 years experience , writing for various print and online media. For the past 5 year I have been working as a freelance writer and copywriter gaining experience writing in different styles for numerous target audiences on topics such as health, …………………………………….

Working as a freelance writer, I have managed to perfect my research ability which is a vital tool for any writer. Freelancing has required me to have excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills to successfully manage multiple assignments and meet deadlines. I am focused, creative and open minded.

My experience in web design and graphic design has come in handy. I am able to content management script like wordpress, joomla, zencart, oscalss etc.  A part from producing high quality content for my client these skills have enabled me to design and maintain my own blogs which include:…………………


Remember first impression matters. Application is the only first impression your potential employer will have about you. Make it good.

Advantages of Feelancing

Freelancing Vs 9 to 5 Job

The decision of quitting a regular job to work alone as a freelancer is a big one. It requires taking certain risks like not having regular and steady work, working alone and no employee benefits. But there are many good points which outweigh the cons. That is the reason almost 40% of USA population works as freelancers. Now you even can get payday loans being a freelancer. Ferratum is one company which gives loans to freelancers. Here are some advantages of being a freelancer.

  • Flexible working hours – You choose when to work and when to holiday. This is the most lucrative part of being a freelancer. You can choose your hours and chill out when you want.
  • Working for yourself – Freelancing means you are working for yourself. The work you do benefits others but you have the right to be compensated. Good freelancers get paid almost as well as the companies for projects. It is the era of freelance.
  • Flexibility of workplace – You do not have to dress in a suit and work from an expensive office. You can lie in your bed and work virtually. If you are doing good you can even employ a few people to do outdoor work.
  • Good for economy – Freelancers are self-employed so they do not need employment. Successful ones will instead become entrepreneurs as they have more clients. Really good for the economy.
  • You are your own boss – Freelancers are their own bosses. Best for people who do not like the hierarchy in companies.

Dos and Dont’s for Freelancers

Last time I told you how I started to freelancing. Today I will try and tell you the things to do for going forward and what are the things you should not do. If you want to be you own boss forever just follow these simple things.

Dos and Donts

  • Network building – The best way to get clients and keep on growing is to build your network. Friends, family and clients all should come in your network. Most of my clients are through this network. Working from home does not mean not meeting people, but actually means meeting more people to build a network. Always be in touch with old and new clients for new work. I am sure this works as I have done it practically.
  • Do not Work for Free – The mantra to succeed as a freelancer is never work for free. The people will want work done for free and once you do it they will never pay. Freelancers should always care for money they get paid. We are not doing it for charity. You are putting in serious hours for the work and it should always be paid.
  • Work diligently – Be diligent with the work you are doing as good work will lead to more work. Never ever compromise with quality. This action will give you growth you can never imagine.
  • Specialize – Never accept all you get. Choose what you can do best. In the beginning you will have to do work which you might not like, but slowly do not do what you think is not for you. After all freelance is more about the freedom of doing what you want to. Become a specialist in a particular area. For instance I like to blog about economy so that is what I have incorporated more in my work schedule.